Terms and Conditions:

Classes & Timings:

  1. Please be on time else you might miss some important information.
  2. Please keep the camera on during the class else we might shift you to the waiting room.
  3. Please do not log in with more than one device, else we might shift you to the waiting room or you could be removed from the batch.

Our Material:

  1. AgileBA Global Ltd. course material shared over emails, Trello, WhatsApp, or Video/GDrive Link is only for our students use and can’t be shared in any way shape of form i.e., Video, Document or Audio etc. Trello board material or videos.
  2. Legal action can be taken if found any unauthorised distribution of any of AgileBA Global Ltd. materials.


  1. AgileBA Global Ltd. will not entertain any refunds once money is credited, however on the owner’s discretion you may be allowed for another future batch any doubt clarification.
  2. If the payment between batches have increased the difference has to be paid by the student.
  3. Any Voilation any of the terms and conditions then AgileBA Global Ltd. have right to remove the student from the batch without any refund issued. 


  1. The fee charged by AgileBA Global Ltd. is only towards training and doesn’t involve any other charges i.e; membership fee, examination fee or renewal of membership etc.
  2. We don’t indulge in an unfair or unethical practices for any exam assistance